7-Eleven x Froggy: 7-Eleven Nachos

High school Riot Grrrl band puts 7-Eleven Nachos center stage

Earlier this year, Froggy, a Riot Grrrl punk band out of Doylestown, PA caught the attention of 7-Eleven with the release of their song “7-Eleven Nachos.” The song slaps. To applaud Froggy’s creativity and honor their extreme nacho love, we partnered with them to produce a professional music video of the song. While brands have been bantering with fans on social media for years, 7-Eleven’s funding of Froggy’s video takes social response to Eleven by rewarding fan creators in a truly meaningful way. Froggy’s initial act of brand-bait (they tagged 7-Eleven on Instagram) suggesting a sponsorship was a joke. Months later, they had a deal.