HBO: Game of Thrones

Create #ForTheThrone  

A collection of original show props reimagined

As the Game of Thrones season finale approached, we challenged fan artists to show us what they’d do #ForTheThrone by reimagining authentic Game of Thrones props as pieces of artwork. HBO went into its archives and unearthed some of the show’s most iconic props, including Jaime’s golden hand, Beric’s flaming sword, a White Walker ice blade, and Kingsguard Armor. They gave these props to different fan creators from the world of visual arts and design. The artists were given the opportunity to impact the show’s history itself, delivering on the prompt: What will you Create #ForTheThrone? 

Each official prop presented a different challenge, prompting fans to freeze, burn, sew, break and craft museum-quality art. The resulting series of commissioned works formed the basis of a multichannel outreach effort encouraging Game of Thrones fans everywhere to show off their creativity and skill by posting their own original Game of Thrones artwork online.  



Selected for Print

Selected for Print

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