New Orleans:

The Concierge

When you’re ready to come back, we’re ready to host.

As vaccinations continue at a rapid pace, New Orleans is launching a marketing campaign to remind visitors of all the charm and hospitality the city has to offer. The centerpiece series of spots stars New Orleans native Wendell Pierce, known for his roles in hits like The Wire and Jack Ryan, and were directed by fellow NOLA denizen Phillip Youmans, who in 2019 at the age of 19 became the youngest and first African-American director to win the Founder’s Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival for his feature-length debut, Burning Cane. Pierce starred in that film, and this is the first time the two have come together again, with the shared vision of showcasing the very best of their hometown and reminding travelers that whenever they’re ready, New Orleans is ready to host. 

As a city that relies on tourism, the pandemic has been a challenge for New Orleans, but with inoculations steadily increasing, many people are itching to get back to “normal” and travel again. Research told us that many peoples’ first trips would be to a place that they missed. With that in mind, the campaign leans heavily into the nostalgia for New Orleans hospitality, reminding travelers of all the special comforts – the music, drinks, food, service, people, historic charm, and wildlife – that can only be found in New Orleans.